Eight Tips To Cut Costs When Moving House

Moving house can be expensive, but here are some great ways to cut costs when moving house.

1 – Sort Your Belongings

This can be time-consuming, but sorting through everything you have and throwing out what you don’t want to take with you can save you money.

Reducing your items will also reduce your moving quote as they are based on the volume of items.

If you have items that are in good condition that you don’t want, then you can even make some extra money by selling these.

2 – Quote Comparison

It is a good idea to get a few quotes from different companies, so that you are able to compare them and see which offers the best value for money. Ensure that all aspects of your move are accounted for in the quotes so you can make a true comparison.

3 – Book Your Move Early

Booking a moving company in advance can save you money. Moving companies get busy and they will charge more the later you leave it.

4 – Have a Moving Checklist

You need to be aware of every aspect that is involved in moving house and planning in advance can help you to keep on top of your finances.

Having a moving checklist will help you to know what you need to pay for and ensure that everything is packed and ready for the move.

5 – Pack Yourself

You can move house by yourself and ask your family and friends for help.

When you choose to do your own packing, you will save money on your removal. You can ask your family and friends for help as packing can take a number of days.

6 – A House Survey

You need to have the house you are moving into surveyed so that you are aware of any problems that need to be fixed. This can save you money in repair bills if the surveyor finds any problems that could be expensive to fix if they are left for longer.

7 – Second Hand Boxes

You can save money on your house move by collecting second hand boxes. You can ask friends and family and ask at the supermarket if they have any.

8 – Take a Look at Your Utility Bills

Moving house offers a great opportunity to take a look at your utility providers and compare other providers. You may find a better and more cost effective provider for your new home.

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